QuestionsHow to Expand Product Offerings into Active Wear (pants, shirts, etc.) asked 1 year ago

So I read the lean startup guide and absolutely loved it.  My business expanded from a sport-specific product to now offer tshirts, mugs, etc.  HOWEVER – we want to move into active wear – sport-specific pants, shirts, etc.  How would you go about expanding to specialized clothing items?  Can it be done in a “lean” method, similar to the t-shirt example in the lean startup guide?

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 1 year ago

One idea to expand to active wear and do it the lean startup way is with plastisol transfers. This will allow you you test out different active wear products without having to purchase a lot of merch up front with your designs printed on them. It does require some upfront costs with a heat press and some extra time on your part to put the designs on the clothes but this is the best option I can think of to do a lean startup with active wear products. I haven’t run across companies that offer active wear for DTG but you can look into that to.