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asked 2 days ago
Respected sir,
I am Hardik Joshi I want to start business of clothes can you help me?
My idea for this business is this i will buy clothes from Bangladesh and i will sell in dubai and other countries can i do this because in dubai clothes cost is more then Bangladesh plz give me proper answer can i do this is it profitable business ?
I am from India so which documents I need to start this business i have no money plz help me
Thank you
Hardik Joshi
2 I got answer of this but I want to know something more 
how can I start this how I contact to both countries dubai for selling n Bangladesh for import how i get license of this business from government which documents are necessary for this n how can i get loan on this business 
thanks for last answer n support plz help me 

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Facebook Profile photo Staff May 14, 2016

You’ll have to search the individual countries for the laws and forms you need to file.
As for loan, you probably won’t get a loan from a bank for your business when you are starting out. No one wants to take a chance on someone that hasn’t shown they can make a profit and pay back the loan.


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