Hello Jonathan!ive always been so interested about entrepreneurship and being an entrepreneur from a very young age, but I never had courage in my self to gather the resources and start my own business hahah!Would you need to be a specific age to start a clothing company?Im 16 and a big dream of mine if to get a business degree and set up my own clothing brand/line. Any advice on how I should start?the earlier the better!

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You don’t need a degree to be an entrepreneur.
Find what you are passionate about and try and make money doing it. I would suggest reading the book Crush it, by Gary Vaynerchuck.


Hello Lizzie,
Congrats on taking those first small steps. (admitting what you want) Your never to young to start pursuing your dreams ! *Getting a degree is always a good thing but also not always necessary. I have a degree in computer technology and NEVER used it! (Good resume bullet though) …
This blog is a great place to start! It can be vey challenging to find actual useful info other places online, especially for free.
I am just starting out also but have been in the startup phase long enough to offer some (simple) tips …
I started by creating an outline of what I wanted to accomplish with my startup. The outline is formatted with goals / milestones that help walk me through the actual outline itself. There is a lot you wont know, you don’t know but just update the outline as learn and grow.
The first items on my outline were – create a catchy domain name and buy it from GoDaddy. The next step was to get a business license and all the other easy basic legal stuff. I just focused on checking off one step at a time week to week, learning as much as possible and before I knew it, I was funded and talking to manufacturers !
Hope this helps,
” Believe in (U) “


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