Storenvy Review: Storenvy falls short of its promises

Disclaimer: This is an old review and some of the information isn’t correct anymore. I am working on a new one with accurate information.

I was excited for storenvy when it was released but it has fallen short of what they originally promised.

Here is what the creators had to say when storenvy was released.

“Storenvy doesn’t want to be just another online store system. There are hundreds of them out there already and have some of the same problems. They require you to drive all traffic to your store yourself, they only offer fulfillment, or made for only stores who are well established. On top of that in this day in age the internet is all about being social. Storenvy wanted to fix all of those problems and build the first Social Store Community.”

Storenvy claims to drive traffic to your site but I have seen very little traffic coming from storenvy to my store. Last month I got 65 visitors from storenvy to my sunglasses site My sales are pretty bad but somehow I am the 32nd best selling store out of 442 stores in the clothing company section. I am also the 7th best selling store in the trendcore section out of 68 stores. Since I know how much my site sells (less then $100 a month) I know all of the other stores below me are doing worse.

On the bigcartel site they say nothing about driving traffic to your site or making a social store community but they drive more traffic to sites through their directory then storenvy does. A company like miles to go gets around 600 visitors a month through the bigcartel directory. Maybe bigcartel should use the selling point of not requiring you to drive all the traffic to your store or social store community.

Storenvy seemed like they were going to be the etsy for the non craft market. Etsy is awesome for crafters. They do a lot of work driving traffic to their site, you see them at events and online advertisements. It’s something that a lot of people know about and people go to etsy to shop. I haven’t seen much of an effort on behalf of storenvy to do advertising besides a few blog posts here and there. The bottom line is someone doesn’t go to Storenvy to shop like someone going to Etsy. What happens is someone goes to a storenvy store then sees other stores and may leave your store and shop at theirs. So really you the store owners are bringing in all the traffic then possibly losing your customer when they find something else they want. This also works both ways where a customer may find your products after going to another store.

Jud from conversioneering wrote an article about shopping cart usability

Storenvy made some changes after seeing this post but the add to cart button still needs work.

The add to cart button still doesn’t stand out. Make it bigger give it some color, make it noticeable!

You only get a few pages in storenvy.

Storenvy only gives you generic pages plus a contact, store info, and store profile page. If you are a store owner and want to tell your story this just doesn’t cut it and you need more pages.

I thought the comment and like system was pretty cool but that stuff needs to be on the actual product page. As of right now its back in an area that most people go to your site don’t see. Cool idea but again it falls short.

Storenvy isn’t all bad

There are some cool things they offer. One of those things is a facebook app that shows all your products.

The other thing is that it’s free, and you can also install google analytics e-commerce.

Going back to their original statement:

“Storenvy doesn’t want to be just another online store system. There are hundreds of them out there already and have some of the same problems. They require you to drive all traffic to your store yourself, they only offer fulfillment, or made for only stores who are well established. On top of that in this day in age the internet is all about being social. Storenvy wanted to fix all of those problems and build the first Social Store Community.”

In the end they are what they didn’t want to be, just another online store system.

I don’t recommend storenvy as it currently is right now. Bigcartel offers a much better setup at only $10 a month. If you’re worried about the $10 a month you have more important things you should be worrying about.

Why use bigcartel

  • has unlimited pages
  • e-commerce google analytics
  • more traffic with bigcartel directory
  • only advertising your store (no one else)
  • use your own domain through cnames
  • better checkout

If your looking for a bigcartel developer check out my company Double Dragon Studios

Also the company that use to print under the name storenvy still does amazing screen printing and is now called Threadbird. They are still one of the best printers out there. Click here for a special deal on your order.

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  • Aubrey Erickson

    Well thought out, Jon. Good insights. I hope the guys in charge at storenvy take this to heart and make the changes necessary to grow into their goals!

  • s3studio

    thank for your review, but i think was is the most important it the time factor , storenvy is new, and big cartel on the market since some years now. so for sure the traffic is bigger on big cartel. I think we have to give a year to storenvy to get to is full power. by the way great blog, i fond it 2 week a go and read a lot of your article.

  • jonkruse

    I agree storenvy can get better, I just don't seem them doing any work right now to drive traffic to their site. I can't see them paying for advertising to get customers to their site because they aren't charging store owners anything.

    Bigcartel has stepped everything up and I think it will be hard for storenvy to compete with them.

  • Casey121

    why don't people just actual download shopping cart software? you can even get some like cubecart 3 for free, plus its fully customizable.

    using your own shopping cart software won't really drive visitors to your site, because its not really a network sorta thing, but it will give you a professional, unique looking store that you can customize to your own needs

  • jonkruse

    They are a lot harder to code for and are more complicated. I use opencart which I think is great but the development time is a lot longer.

  • TheAL

    How do you feel about ? Any thoughts?

  • conversioneering

    Hey Jon, thanks for mentioning my site in your article! Your opinions on StorEnvy match mine pretty much exactly. Like s3studio mentioned, they are still fairly new…but they need to up their game if they want to differentiate themselves from the rest.

    The biggest flaw of both StorEnvy *and* Big Cartel though? They only support Paypal payments…HUGE mistake, I guarantee you that store owners are losing sales because of this.

  • jonkruse

    I didn't realize this was you Jud. I tried to do a quick search to see if there was any stats about this but couldn't find anything that conclusive.

    The reality is if your starting out you will probably just use paypal anyway because it's cheap. Having paypal as your only payment option also makes checkout easy.

  • jonkruse

    Goodsie looks good. I'm not sure how much customization you can do with it, but the default designs look decent. I like how you can use different checkouts but it doesn't say anywhere if you can do discounts. It also doesn't say if you can use google analytics e-commerce.

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  • fletchy

    Paypal claims to accept credit cards, but it's not really true. It's an option they show to certain people only, depending on what country they are in and whether or no they have ever logged into paypal on their machine (and still have the cookie). It's really not a benefit to them to let you check out without opening a paypal account and they are not clear about when they will and won't show the option, I spent quite a long time arguing with them about it for my t-shirt store. They are a shitty, but necessary company in my opinion. 

    Once we signed up with a proper payment gateway it made a big difference, now about 70% of our customers check out via the payment gateway instead.

  • suburbanhijinx

    I agree with alot of what you are saying here, but big cartels downfall though is the number of products that you can have in the store…a store like mine i wouldnt be able to operate on Big Cartel.  With either option you have to take the good with the bad.  Nice post!

  • jonkruse

    I don't think bigcartel is for everyone and there is a limitation but up to 300 products will be able to handle most e-commerce sites.

  • Nicholas Chamberlin

    What payment gateway do you use?

  • Adam Mann

    I agree with most things said.

    One thing I wish Big Cartel would do is add a Facebook app as well.

  • oddattributes

    Thank you for this review. I have a clothing line that I plan to launch in the fall, and at this time I’m focusing on getting my website ready. I considered Storenvy as a e-commerce platform, and I wasn’t completely sold – and the cons outlined in this article makes me all the more apprehensive. I think wordpress is a great choice because they offer websites and blogs. They have themes that can be purchased, and fully customized – coding and all.

  • oddattributes

    I agree 100%. I’d have problems with Paypal in the past with a personal account and I would rather not deal with them again. Bigcartel is cool because it can be customized with personal coding, but only offering one payment system is not good.

  • Wim

    I have recently opened my little shop at Big Cartel and for so far I may not be disappointed at all. Although, it wasn’t easy to personalize my site the way I wanted to be. But for a starter as I’m, it’s a very good tool to get launched.

  • Luis Diaz

    This is a pretty old story. Storenvy since I’ve joined less than a year ago has been solid in selling my products. The staff is wonderful and write you back almost the same day. Their new template Cooper is iPad and mobile ready. It’s easy and I have had over 100 sales and I haven’t put as much time as I should. The new marketplace is also growing. You don’t have nothing to lose since it’s free. I was never sold on Big Cartel because you have to pay monthly and your store needs to be around for a while before you start getting traffic. Also no one is going to promote your store for free unless your store is an exceptional model for whichever company and they may highlight you. I think if you have cool products and you post often in other social websites you can have some traffic going. I have a tumblr and flickr account and my website. It does help to have some fans already for what you do.

  • jonkruse

    Thanks for your insight I am writing a new review about all their changes.

    Free is cool but your going to want to spend the $4.99 for a domain, and also another $2.99 for discounts with storenvy. So it ends up being $2 cheaper then bigcartel, not a huge difference.

    Shopify also has come out with a starter plan at just $14 and you can collect credit cards and do way more with your shop. You can read more about my review of shopify here.

  • Luis Diaz

    You also don’t need a domain from storenvy if you already have one you pay with godaddy or other domain registrars. You also aren’t forced to use their discounts. You can have a store and not use any of their services. I do find discounts helpful as most people are always looking for a break.

  • jonkruse

    I just don’t see any company that wants to make a business selling online not wanting to use their own domain or use discounts.

    If you’re worried about paying $8 for that stuff you probably have other problems.