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viksh01 asked 4 years ago

How can I  auto manage our retail shop without going to Shop and How to effectively manage and open a retail chain of clothing . And start a blue ocean strategy 

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse answered 4 years ago

It will be hard to find a new untouched market to have your “blue ocean strategy”. There are so many clothing lines out there it is a very saturated market.
I do believe there is always room for someone that finds a niche and can connect with their customer. 
I don’t understand “without going to shop”.
You can start out using DTG dropshippers to print your shirts and handle fulfillment. When you have more products and are producing them yourselves there are a lot of companies that provide fulfillment if you don’t want to do it. They do charge for this and I wouldn’t suggest doing it until you’ve grown your company and have some good cash flow.