QuestionsCategory: starting outcan you provide more details on snapbacks?
abrarulhaqs asked 1 year ago

I am gonna start new apparel business. i wanted to give snapback in my product list. i dont know much about it. i am still finding more about it. i have found few companies and manufacturers but couldn\’t decide which to go for. past few weeks m reading your articles and they are cool and very helpful. please let me know.

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 1 year ago

Order a sample in all the hats you want to try out. Any company that does embroidering can print on hats for you and order blanks. 
Another option which I would suggest in the begging is doing it the lean startup way and getting the hats embroidered on demand and shipped to your customer. The profits aren’t as high but at the beginning stages you are just testing what works.
check out this link