QuestionsDetermine shipping fee to include in item price
MLKay asked 11 months ago

I’m starting my own t-shirt line, and I’m going to be shipping within Canada. How do you determine the shipping fee to include in the price given to customers? I’ve been kinda stuck on this point, so any help would would be great! 

1 Answers
Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 11 months ago

You want to collect enough money so you aren’t losing money on shipping and taking a little extra.
Some stores decide to have free shipping but make up for this in the price of the shirt.
Usually clothing companies charge shipping prices by the item type. So for shirts first item $5 each additional item is $2 more. You can also do free shipping if they reach a certain $ amount. So free shipping on orders over $100 or over $50. This incentives people to order more.