QuestionsCategory: legalDo you have a standard NDA template for working with a global cloth supplier/manufacturer?
kcdesigner asked 4 years ago

I would like to create an NDA to be able to stand against anyone who I may partner with / use as a vendor in the future. I have read apparel law is very hard – its apparently quite tough to get any patent on designs. I understand that. However, my manufacturers are in India (where there is a LARGE apparel manufacturing industry) – I do want to at least have some legal protection that the manufacturers I work with will not go around me and sell directly to the customer OR do not sell via their own fashion labels. Does anyone have any experience in doing these NDA’s for their business?

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steph_nic answered 4 years ago

Look for tshirts that still have tags. A lot of screen printers have a tag removal service.