QuestionsCategory: starting outDo you have any suggestions on programs to help hone your skills in the clothes designing business?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Hello my name is Riichi, I am a teenager is who extremely fascinated by the idea of making a clothing company (more on the street-wear side). I do a bit of character drawing, but nothing to fancy with the details in the clothes. I am completely dumbstruck on where to find mentors on helping me find my path on the entrepreneur lifestyle. I will admit I am shy so that could be one of the many cons of me finding someone that can help guide me. I’ve skimmed through your free startup guide and I will say there are many great tips just like the “Lean Startup” book by Mr. Eric (I actually own that book aswell). My hometown doesn’t have many efficient programs that are aimed towards the clothing/entrepreneur industry more so just sports.
Do you have any recommended online or camps, ETC programs that are more geared toward clothing companies? That is all. Thank you for your time ­čÖé

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 2 years ago

I can’t think of anything geared toward teenagers wanting to become entrepreneurs.
There are a lot of online courses for different subjects.
I would suggest trying to figure out what you are into. Do you like the design aspect of everything? There are a lot of tutorials online and a lot of programs at community colleges. The most important thing is just to keep on creating work. Everyone sucks at the beginning and you just need to keep on designing and getting better. I would suggest checking out the site or submitting shirt designs to online contests. A lot of these online contest sites will give you good critiques on your work.
As far as entreprenuership. I really like the book E-myth, and Crush it. There are a lot of great books out there and it doesnt cost much to get started.