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franchize5280 asked 2 years ago

How much merchandise should I bring if I am a vendor at a festival. sizes, color shirts, etc

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franchize5280 answered 2 years ago

I was planning on launching the day of the festival and im using DTG so Im not sure in total how much to bring?

Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 2 years ago

Its hard since you have no information about anything. What will sell what won’t. What sizes to get.
Its impossible for me to tell you what to bring. What sizes your demographic wants. What colors they want.
Usual shirt size ratio is 1 2 2 1 from small to xl. Where there are twice as many shirts for medium and large as small and xl. But it can vary a lot what will sell depending on your demographic. Just use this as a learning opportunity to see what your customers want.