QuestionsCategory: businessfull garment services BUT with quality, do they exist?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Hi Jon,

Absolutely love this website as it has been of great help. I have been working on my own company now for a couple of years but I always end up in the same spot… Especially now I try and go international… I can”t find a company that can help me out for an affordable price and produce GOOD quality at the same time.

I’m basically looking for a full garment service where I deliver the design and all the rest get’s done by the company. From taking the online Shopify order to printing, labeling and shipping. I tried out Print Aura because they have precisely that service I am looking for but then again don’t do it quality wise. I’ve read your whole website and I totally agree on the fact that there should be no comprimises… But after being stuck for years (We live in the Caribbean so we don’t have the opportunity to visit companies) it’s starting to drive us nuts.

There must be decent companies out there delivering these full services, right? I’ve also contacted Threadbird and am waiting for their reply. 
I really hope you can help us out.

Thank you for the amazing work and helping worths, they are much appreciated.

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 2 years ago

Threadbird isn’t DTG and print on demand its just a screen printer. is a popular DTG service.

dimchu answered 1 year ago

Hey! I have exact the same problem and also heard from but they are super slow and cannot offer custom packaging that I need. Are there any updates on this topic?