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Smitty asked 4 years ago

Good afternoon. I do have a t-shirt website and don\’t seem to be making sales. Can you please help? Thanks

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse answered 4 years ago

It is hard to diagnose the problem without much information.

Maybe you don’t have enough traffic, maybe the designs could use some work, maybe the website isn’t user friendly and customers leave.

The first step is to create a great website and have everything running like a machine. I love shopify for this. They have some great free themes its easy to use and there are tons of apps that can help you make a lot of money.
After you’ve created your website you need to work on the automation.

Have popups offer a discount code so even if the customer doesnt buy anything you can still market to them and have a second chance.

Get an app for abandoned cart so if a starts checkout and doesn’t finish you can email them and try to get a sale.

Get the adroll app to remarket to your customer. Remember when you looked at that product but didn’t buy anything, then its all over your facebook feed and websites you go it. This is remarketing and its very effective.

You can also try facebook ads to target your customers that would buy from you.
If you have any more questions let me know