QuestionsCategory: designHow do I create custom labels for t-shirts?
MLKay asked 1 year ago

What details do you usually put on custom t-shirt labels? If the original t-shirt label (with details such as size, fabric, etc.) is being removed, I am wondering what info do people generally put on the custom label that will be put on the t-shirt?

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 1 year ago

Here is what should appear on US apparel products:

  • # Size. Labels must be a minimum of 13/4 by 23/4 inches (4.5 x 7 cm).
  • Lettering. The required information must be no smaller than pica or 12 point type, with all parts of the information in letters of equal size and conspicuousness.
  • Country of Origin
    * Imported products must identify the country where they were processed or manufactured.
    * Products made entirely in the U.S. of materials also made in the U.S. must be labeled “Made in U.S.A.” or with an equivalent phrase.
    * Products made in the U.S. of imported materials must be labeled to show the processing or manufacturing that takes place in the United States, as well as the imported component.
    * Products manufactured in part in the U.S. and in part abroad must identify both aspects.
  • RN# or Company Name
    An RN# is a unique code for textiles that allows the garment to be “tracked”.
    You can obtain an RN# for free by going HERE. RN#’s are not required but you are required to label your product, this can be done with your RN or your companies name as it appears on business documents.
  • The product size
  • Care Instructions (there is a lot of talk about if this is really needed or not but according to the FTC it is very much required)
    To learn how to write the proper care instructions click HERE

You have different things you need for different countries. 
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