QuestionsCategory: businessHow does heat transfer process hold up on under armor material, softball jerseys?
sandlot asked 4 years ago

I have been asked to put numbers, names, and a team logo on Nike jerseys and Under Armor Jerseys.  Both Jerseys are made from the dry fir material, can you tell me how long this process will hold up on this type of material?  The amount of Jerseys I’,m being asked to do would make this quite a large investment.

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse answered 4 years ago

Ive had numbers on the back of jerseys before and I believe they were all done with vinyl transfers. If the shirt shrank the transfer wouldnt shrink with it and get all scrunched up.

There are different transfers you can get and with something stretchy like under armor you should get something that stretches with it.

I found this website with some info on it

For performance apparel, you may need something especially flexible. … Not all performance apparel is created equal. Not all garments in this segment include spandex. Starter Dri-Star® sportswear, for example, is 100% polyester and has moisture wicking components, but is not particularly stretchable. So a standard heat transfer film like HotMark 70 works fine for this product. A more complex fabric like Champion Double Dry® will require a higher performance film. Here are some suggestions for successfully stretchy garments.

The other challenge in this segment is the advent of antimicrobial coatings that are designed to fight body odor.  Some of these have been found to block adhesion by T-shirt vinyl and cause immediate or eventual failure. Make sure you do some adhesion testing before you complete a big job and deliver shirts to your customer. Sometimes the failure doesn’t occur until the garments are laundered, so wash-testing your shirts before delivery is a good idea.

Siser Easy Weed Stretch: Easy Weed Stretch takes the hot peel convenience of Easy Weed and adapts it for Performance Apparel. At 3.4mil, it’s a little thinner than Easy Weed. It has a softer hand and a much more flexible face film made specifically for performance wear and Lycra® spandex…

Chemica QuickFlex: QuickFlex is a soft, warm peel polyurethane film similar to Siser Easy Weed. QuickFlex is designed for high volume production so it can be pressed in only five seconds and peeled immediately…

EnduraTex Resolve Plus: EnduraTex Resolve Plus is a traditional super-soft PU heat transfer film designed to give customers that screen-printed look and feel. Its’ almost as soft as sublimation and comes in 50 colors…