QuestionsCategory: designHow to ask for permission to use a band or artist name for a design?
haihai05 asked 1 year ago

So I design t-shirts. And I love old country and rock bands, and love designing shirts with that style and vibe. I would like to know, is it best to reach out to the artist directly to ask for permission? How do you go about doing that? I see band shirts that people are making all the time, and I’m wondering how they get away with it. 
Thanks a ton.

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 1 year ago

A lot of times the designs you see are licensed. Many other times people dont care and just print band shirts without permission.

It might be hard to get a band or artists permission. You can always do shirts with that same look and feel.

I really like the work by derick castle. Do a google search for straw castle that is his clothing company.