QuestionsCategory: businessHow to determine the minimum initial units and size range to manufacture?
Zincrap asked 1 year ago

We have 3 very distinct concepts that need to go into production. The minimum quantity for a lot of suppliers is 200 – 500 SKUs. This is a lot for us initially and we cant decide how many to order. And the clothing sizes also comes into play making this a harder task to do. Could you please help us on how sizing for clothes are determined and how much should we order initially when we go into production?

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 1 year ago

How to determine the initial units.
Let’s start off with this. If you read my lean startup guide I send out with my mailing list you know that you want to do the minimum of everything. You want to be able to test your ideas then scale up. Get the minimum! The mindset of well if I buy 1,000 then my cost per garment is a lot less and my profit is more. That’s true…. but what if no one likes it. What if it misses the mark and you are holding onto product you can’t sell, this is a lot worse then a smaller profit margin and buying less garments.

For sizing I am not sure what type of clothes you are manufacturing. For shirts many people order 1-2-2-1 . so double the amount of medium and larges then small and XL…. but the actual sizing breakdown of what a customer buys can be so much different. For streetwear so much of it is a lot larger… you are selling to younger people then smaller. This is something you never will know exactly until you test it and see what your customer wants. 
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