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navin612 asked 1 year ago

I am Navin From India , I read your Startup guide for a Clothing Startup, I have a few questions please if you can guide me I will be Grateful to you.
I am starting a company in India and I am designing t shirts keeping the youth in mind so I am getting Skulls and Vibrant prints which most of the youths will like and not a large group.How ever I want to know How should I be pricing my products. The cost of making my product will be around 4 USD- 4.5 USD so what do you think is suitable price to sell these tees.

And to reduce the price I wont be able to design the products on demand basis instead I will have to get the 4 designs printed 125 units of each which means total of 500 tees, 4 Different designs all Unisex and different colors and sizes of the same.
I kept a strategy in mind which is selling through various mediums keeping short and long term goals in mind as I want a Online as well as offline market.
1. Go shop to shop- Sell for a minimal margin ( for long term so when I am making my second lott I already have these shops to sell in)

2. Sell directly to my potential buyers offline (youth, College Students, Trippers, Friends etc) for a good margin which will be around 60-80 % profit.
3.Selling online and building an audience with various schemes and coupons so that I can have a potential buyers again and for brand awareness as well. 

4. Would you recommend a website if I have just 4 designs in total or I should just be selling via other channels and get my website at a latter stage coz i dony want to risk my brand Image.
5. And what material and type of printing you recommend for printing graphics tees of skull and all having vibrant colors. Below are a few designs Please go through it and let me know.
6. I am getting design Ideas from various websites and then I M tweaking the designs and get printed can you tell me how do I sell my products or find potential customers internationally.

Thank you in advance

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 1 year ago

You are thinking way to far ahead. Don’t print 125 shirts of a design. Its a lot!
Many screen printers will do 25-50 shirt minimums. Do the minimum! Even though the cost is more per shirt you won’t be stuck with inventory that doesn’t sell. You need to start testing everything.
Once you start selling you get a lot of info. What shirt sizes sell, what designs people want. Then later you can order more shirts when you know what sells.
I suggest a DTG printer in the beginning just because its the cheapest way to start testing everything. 
I would suggest a website immediately. Other sites like eBay, etsy, amazon don’t showcase your brand and your message. Your website is where you can do this.