QuestionsI have many designs for new apparel, from shoes to tops to bags. How do I create a brand and promote customer loyalty?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I’ve researched the industry, and it appears to be near impossible to be able to promote your brand on such a level as to be invited to New York Fashion Week or even start a successful brand. No one wants to try the new brand. Add to the fact that I’m not even done with college, any suggestions on how to start and market a brand? Should I try promoting on my own, or sell to bigger designers who could possibly limit my creative license and not offer me any credit (therefore making me lose any publicity I may have used to promote my own brand)?

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 2 years ago

Yes it is near impossible to get to the top when you just started. You need to put the work in, you need to build your brand… it isnt just going to be given to you.
Here is a very realistic question. Are bigger designers even going to want your designs?
I think this could be a great way to get into the industry by working for companies that are bigger. They will not offer you any credit but you will be repayed in money and you will learn which is the most important thing. If you do want creative freedom and the credit you will have to start your own brand but it is so much more then just designing. Its the business aspects of book keeping, advertising, marketing, e-commerce website… so many other things.
If you just like to design, design for someone else. If you are interested in more start your own brand.