QuestionsCategory: starting outI illustrate/design like nobodies business, My question is I want to start right now before I graduate. Would Etsy be a good start? If not can you provide a few sites?
Pear2361 asked 1 year ago

Hey Jonathan,
My name is Armando. First off I want to say that your pretty good with all the Info you give out and I appreciate it. I’m not quite finish reading my startup guide yet but will get around to it. I graduate from the Art Institute the end of this year and want to find a site where you think I can get faster sales and I understand that it depends on my design. I’m focusing on street wear and my style and research helps me form a good looking brand which I’ve shown quite a few people and every single comment was awesome not one bad one. Can you please provide a site which could help me?

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 1 year ago

I would not consider etsy a good market for street wear. It is more hand crafted, indie, hipster market. But it doesn’t hurt to try. I know my friend greg at miles to go clothing does really well on etsy.
I suggest that companies get their own website. In etsy, amazon, ebay, you are just one brand in a crowd of other brands. With your own website it is just you. You can collect emails with an email list, you can tell your story, you can look at analytics of where your traffic is coming to… there is so much you can do. 
I suggest getting shopify and using one of their themes to get started. 

Pear2361 answered 1 year ago

Hey Jon, thanks a lot. I will get on it