QuestionsCategory: printingIf I were to buy my shirts at wholesale price are their companyines that will print them at wholesale price as well
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Printing at wholesale price

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 2 years ago

Wholesale just means the shirts are being sold to you to be sold to someone else. Usually to get these prices you need to have a resale license to collect sales tax on your sales, and the company doesn’t charge you tax.
I guess what you mean by “wholesale prices” are that the prices are cheaper. Screen printers print shirts, they have their own prices to do this. I don’t have a great answer for you but there isn’t different prices for screen printers, all have their own prices.

Ultroman answered 2 years ago

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You will need a resale license for most of the wholesale sites but it is very simple to get. You can apply for one at your states Board Of Equalization web site or BOE.
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