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Brijit asked 4 years ago

Hi, For an online organic baby clothing store (0-3 years), what should be the initial stock/ investment ? Whether it is a good idea to go for custom designing right from the start or start out slow ? 

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse answered 4 years ago

Always start slow.

A lot of people want to risk it all and go big. But the best entrepreneurs take risk off the table. They test their assumptions and ideas and make better decisions from the information they get.

I know other shirt designers have told me baby clothes don’t sell that way. A lot of this could be they are mostly marketing towards adults and baby clothes are secondary. There is always room in the market if you can connect with your demographic.

I looked at printful but they didn’t do any DTG for baby clothes.

If you can find a DTG dropshipper that prints on baby clothes, you could start out with no risk and see how everything does. Then print with screen printing and do cut and sew later on.