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c.ritch808 asked 1 year ago

Hi there! A friend and I are in the process of starting a travel blog/apparel company in which we will donate part of our proceeds to a wildlife fund. We are planning on using Printful to do the printing/shipping/etc. – especially since we will spend much of our time abroad. We are wondering if you have any insight into using a third party for manufacturing. Or, do you think we would be better off finding a local print shop to team up with? We are not interested in printing ourselves. Thanks!

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 1 year ago

Good question!

Printful is great for testing out your idea. You dont have to print a bunch of shirts and see what works you can get them printed on demand. This is the time to figure out what your customer wants, the sizes, the type of shirts, what designs are selling well.

After you get some data and sales you can go ahead and get your shirts printed. Screen printed shirts are usually the obvious choice because in bulk you can get them printed for the least amount of money with the best quality. There is also all over sublimation for all over prints and plastisol transfers which are basically heat press transfer that were screen printed onto transfer paper.

You still dont want to get overzealous at this stage and print too many shirts. Printing the minimum and making less profit per shirt is better then printing too many and sitting on inventory.

In the startup phase I think its a little too soon to get someone to ship your products for you. You can get a relative or friend to do it. Later you can get a fulfillment company to ship your product.

Interested to see your travel blog. Ive met a few people traveling that have done their own blog.

c.ritch808 answered 1 year ago

 Thank you so much, Jon! That was really helpful feedback and you make a lot of really great points. We will be sure to send you the link to our site once we are up and running! In the meantime, here is a link to my personal blog I kept while on an Alaskan adventure this past year (sort of an intro to my style of writing, etc.). One final post on it’s way. Hope you enjoy!