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Juli asked 2 years ago

I sell t-shirts online in a niche market which is having a live event in the near future. as a way of promoting my shirts, I want to hack the event with some real-time sales (in parking lot, meet at Starbucks, haven’t figured out quite how yet.).  I don’t have a screenprinter yet that does bulk printing, what kinds of questions should I ask? What is the going rate for a 3 color screen? What are normal minimus?
Oh, if you have any creative ideas for pimping my t-shirts while at this multi-day event, I’d be happy to hear them?

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 2 years ago

There are a ton of factors that go into the price of screen printed shirts. Is it on an automatic or manual press? How many shirts are you printing? What shirts are you printing on? How big is the design?  Also prices vary on the screen printer and I wouldn’t just go with the cheapest price.
Screen printers have different minimums and they can vary depending on the number of colors. You will have to contact screen printers to get a quote.
My best advice is to look professional and connect with your market at events. Selling out of a starbucks parking lot would make me think twice about the validity of what you are selling, but might as well try it.