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MephitOSK asked 3 years ago

So I started a clothing line and am working with two print on demand companies that integrate with Shopify. But their prices are very steep, and after factoring in shipping and tax, there\’s no way that a customer would ever pay such exorbitant prices, no matter how good my designs are. And my designs are good, everyone I\’ve shown them to is absolutely wowed by them. But I\’ve been open half a month with 0 sales. And I know that the high cost is driving people away.
Are there other avenues of getting the same products that I\’m missing? I\’ve searched all over, but everyone is charging so much to print clothing, and in a market where Amazon, AliExpress and Redbubble are all selling at around $20 a shirt, my stuff, no matter how good it is, just can\’t compete. Nobody but the 1% would buy clothes at the prices I\’m forced to charge just to make one or two dollars of profit on each sale – I can\’t charge $60 for a beach towel!
Please please please show me how to source clothing cheaper – preferably with all over printing, as my designs simply won\’t work otherwise.

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse answered 3 years ago

What are your current costs with DTG drop shippers?

You do have a lower profit margin but the reason to use a DTG drop shipper is so you can learn what works without spending a lot of money on inventory. Right now it’s just your assumption that the reason why customers aren’t buying it the cost, but that might not be the case. Lower your prices for a week and see what happens, even if you don’t make a profit on those products you can at least say if it is really the price that is the problem.

Usually, it’s not as simple as just prices.