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Lyfe4ever asked 4 years ago

Hello Mr. Jon Kruse my name is Joseph Robinson and iIm the owner of Lyfe4ever Clothing ( I’m still in the beginning stages of my brand and I am starting my sample run on headwear I plan to launch the brand in January , My question is How many dad hats is good amount to order for a sample test with 3 colors to choose from (Red, Black, White)? 

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse answered 4 years ago

It’s a just for a sample to test what the product is like so you really only need one of each color.
Do some research on other similar brands and see what colors sell the most.
You should always start with a small order even though profit isn’t as high and see what sells. Use that information to make a reorder in higher quantities to avoid costly mistakes. Most people just look at how much more profit they will make if they buy a ton… problem is that you might have missed the mark and products don’t sell, or the color you selected isn’t popular.