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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Im getting ready to launch my clothing line in a month and i wanted to hold off until the month of launch to get the type of payment service added to the site. Which one of these payments is a better option or is it that both of these options can be added to the site and be successful.. My company name is Rebel HeartZ and you can find us at, as of right now i have one product out using big cartel but the big launch is coming soon in a month and i want to make sure i have everything ready to go.. Also i read an article on this site about paypals labeling when it comes to printing out shipping labels with the customers information already on it. Does shopify have something similar that makes it easy for the seller to put together a shipping label as easy? Thank you for reading and i look forward to your advice on this matter and any other tips you could give me would be much appreciated.

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 2 years ago

Bigcartel is decent and its what I used when I started but they really havent done much to develop their system more. They need more functionality, more themes, more everything.
I like shopify because its bigcartel but more.
I like paypal and would definitely suggest having it on your site but you should collect credit card payments to.
There are a couple of apps shopify has for printing shipping lables.