QuestionsCategory: designShould I use a combo of online shops?
erock6921 asked 2 years ago

Should I set up selling shirts on other websites? For example, threadless artist shops or designbyhumans? I’m not familiar at all with using these websites. What are your thoughts and analysis on the following websites for selling t-shirts? Should I use shopify alone to set up my online store or combine with threadless artist shops?

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 2 years ago

For shops like design by humans and threadless it wouldn’t hurt to create shops there in the beginning. You don’t want to be promoting any of these because any advertising you do might bring sales to someone else and not you. Same goes with products on etsy.
I know of other companies that have separate sales channels with etsy and amazon. I don’t think design by humans and threadless are a great place to make profits but they take care of the product and inventory and it would be good to at least test out.
What all of these other sites don’t do is represent your brand very well. You are just one company of many and thats where having your own website and selling from there is better. You can have a blog, you can collect emails for a mailing list, you can brand everything and connect with your consumer in ways you cant with the other sites.