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ruizamanda91 asked 3 years ago

Sorry for the length of questions in advance! Here we go… 
I live in NYC and looking to start a clothing brand. Mainly capsules aka mini collections at a time.
Would you suggest manufacturing here or sewing a few pieces at first?
my collection would have a variety of items from swimwear to hoodies to dresses to two pieces…
Any tips on fabric sourcing? What should I NOT be looking for when looking for fabrics. I tend to go with the fabric I love the most but then it might be expense to produce. 
Since I’m designing these myself, are there any adobe templates for design? 
Any tips on marketing in NYC? This field is so oversaturated.. I need to be different! 

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse answered 3 years ago

I have this article on apparel sourcing

Apparel Sourcing – Attending a Show

For everything you need to think about what is the best option. Just going with the cheapest fabric might not get you the most sales. And going with a fabric that is too expensive might lose you sales because your product is too high for consumers. Everything requires some testing and see what works best. There is no one answer, except test your ideas and see what works.
As far as marketing, connect with your customers. Through social media, in person, understand your customer and exactly what they want.