QuestionsCategory: starting outWhat strategies can I use to make my business more popular across social media?
taylorsclothingco. asked 2 years ago

For people who do not have a million and one connections out in the world this seems like a tough task, to make your brand relevant across multiple social media outlets. It is obvious the first year or so your pages may not be followed or liked a ton, but Id like to see my followers number in three or four digits eventually, and not just friends and family. All suggestions welcome!

2 Answers
Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse answered 2 years ago

I think everyone wants to grow in quantity but what you really want is quality. If you have 10,000 followers that dont care about your brand on facebook that doesnt do you any good.

I would suggest trying to build your mailing list over growing your likes on facebook. The reasoning is that in facebook when you make a post it only shows it to a fraction of your followers. If more people like or comment you get more but it is still a fraction and people on facebook are usually there to be entertained.

For your email list your emails go directly to them. It isnt filtered like in facebook.

One way to grow your email list is email popups on your site. You can offer a percentage off for signing up or tell them to sign up and you will let them know about future sales. You have to give them a real good reason to sign up.

taylorsclothingco. answered 2 years ago

Great point. Thank you Jon.