QuestionsCategory: starting outWhen actually taking an order from a client, which comes first the money or the shirt?
jtmunson asked 1 year ago

I’ve been burned similar to the situation, Spent 2000 dollars buying my stuff for an order that was placed for a three-week turnaround. I outsourced my printing and was now expecting 2300 dollars to come in for payment of the printing and then for myself. The day before came, I called my client and he then stated, “Didn’t need them, thanks.” then he hung up and I never spoke with him. 
So out just about 2000 bucks. With that, money first then shirt I would think.  

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 1 year ago

There are companies that buy wholesale in net 30. 60 . or 90 days. This means they won’t pay you until that many days after the order. There is also consignment where you give them the product and make money when the product sells in the store.
In your situation you should get the money up front but also know some big retailers don’t pay up front. 

jtmunson answered 1 year ago

Jon, thanks for the reply. I get that, on the net 30’s, 60, 90. But I am not taking orders such as that. This last time I went out, found a customer, he just happened to order two thousand dollars worth, and then blow me off the day before they are do. 
For a small one man shop who simply love making shirts, I feel now, I should get that size of an order half up front half on completion, or some variation lke that. Just so not to be out 2000 the next time. 

Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse Staff answered 1 year ago

In your case asking for 100% up front is fine to.