QuestionsCategory: starting outWhere is a good place to get custom Polo and Button Down shirts made in bulk?
KatongaKollection asked 5 years ago

I am seeking to add Collared Polo Shirts, and Button-Down Shirts to my clothing line. I am looking for a good place to purchase a bulk amount that are high quality. I would like to have the shirts made with designs on the fabric, not just solid colors. I have looked on alibaba, but I am not sure which suppliers I can order special shirts from. Thanks again!

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Facebook Profile photoJon Kruse answered 4 years ago

There is TSC apparel and Sun Apparel, they hold a lot of brands but Im not sure they would have exactly what you are looking for. It might have to be something you need to custom manufacture to get exacty what you want which would be a lot of work, money, and time.
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ketherinjonsson answered 4 years ago

There is so many retailer and wholesalers have high quality polo shirts like jcpenney, customink,