Creating a Good Brand Description

Describing your brand properly is a necessary skill for building a successful clothing line. Not only does it help clarify what your company is all about, it also shows that the people behind the brand are knowledgeable on what they’re selling and know how to present a great idea. Your brand profile should be included on your website and in press releases. In many cases its your one shot at reeling in your target customer. Some people have trouble with describing their brand in words, and if your one of those people, don’t lose sleep over it. It’s one of those things that you kinda KNOW, but you can’t exactly explain. Let’s work on getting that explanation down.

When writing your brand statement, what your aiming for is convincing your target customers that your brand is exactly what they’re looking for. If your products aren’t giving people a solid idea of what your brand is about, your “About” page is your only hope. It also helps to be pretty specific about what your brand means rather than establishing yourself as a brand with no real meaning. I’ve seen tons of t-shirt lines that I didn’t really understand right off the bat, but got a better understanding and appreciation for once I read their brand profile. I’ve also seen a bucha brands who’s brand profile do absolutely nothing for making their brand look good, and in fact do the opposite. It automatically makes me pass over the brand and look for something better.

If you don’t want to be looked over there’s a few major things you should ask yourself while defining your brand:

What does your brand name mean and how does it relate to your products?

What kind of theme is prominent in your designs?

What principles do you stand by?

What words can you use to describe your products?

What are some notable features about your t-shirts?

If you can tackle those questions then you’re on your way to writing a great brand profile. Try to avoid cliches like claiming your brand is “unique” and “something new”. Don’t mention how everybody is tired of going to a party and seeing 3 people wearing the same shirt and that your brand will be the one shirt nobody has. Those are just fillers people use when they don’t really know what the hell their brand is actually about. None of this stuff will have a great impact on whether or not a potential customer will consider buying your items. Instead, focus on describing what makes your brand so unique and cool rather than simply saying “We’re cool and unique!”

Don’t make a buncha statements like “We’re here to take the clothing industry to the next level” and “We’re gonna change the t-shirt game forever!” That kind of talk is nothing but your company’s generalized goals, goals which many other brands also have. It doesn’t increase the chance of gaining new customers.

Don’t flood your brand description with unnecessary information about yourself or your team. Things like “We always wanted a clothing line and finally our dreams have come true” and “We each have our own unique styles and ideas” do nothing for the potential consumer learning about your brand. You should only mention things about yourself that relate to the brand. If you have a line of fishing t-shirts it’s okay to say you’ve been fishing all your life. That kind of information actually adds to the brand experience. Knowing that you and your best friend have been trying to sell tees for the past 3 years doesn’t help in highlighting the brand itself. People don’t even care about you until you’ve proven yourself.

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  • BaNkZiE

    i have one word for this website and it is W0WWW………………….

    i mean where do i start?

    i have always wanted to start a clothing line with just a simple logo or just my own clothing line in like a badass handstyle/tagging/bubble letters/ i mean im not so much of an artist so to speak im more of like a caligraphist like i have always had great neat hand writing and when i would write girls letters in class chicks would be like you write like a girl,i would always reply confused like???
    should it be more like chicken scratch, or should it be like a doctor or what. i was always like ok great i like it its neat.
    I use to tag alot as an adolescent. I am currently 23 and i must say your website has been a huge source of inspiration to start a clothing line i dont have one yet and i havent even screen printed one single shirt but i do still write/tag/graph/grafitti but i never really put my stuff on walls of businesses or vandalized any particular public place or noun. its always been like write my current girlfriends name so they can put it on their laminated note book…

    *to say the least:

    I have always had this as a dying passion to just write a simple word and make it look cooler and even if a clothing line i start doesnt get big just the idea of like wearing clothes i desighned is something to be said for….

    It sort of feels like i have just been rambling on about my thaughts and ideas so ill keep it sweet and simple…..

    congratulations on this website to who it may concern….

    and thank you for allowing me to google something i have always kept to myself about starting some random clothing line if not for the general public but for myself…

    scenester/skateboarding/not you average shirt like nike so to speak or like russel athletic i mean im not discrediting them or anyone elses line i dont even have an existing clothing line

    but for instance i remember the last day of 8th grade there were like 30 or 40 skateboarders skateboarding home getting ready to get crazy on some skate spots on everybodies way home but back to the subject “sorry” i remember this day like yesterday

    i said out loud to a large number of friends like……

    “i wanna start a skateboard company”
    like buy a large quantity of blank skateboards and put my own thaughts/themes/desighns on them and one of my friends actually capitalized on that idea day and like started his own board company i was asolutely beside myself like wow that just happened im not saying im the only person with that idea im just saying i didnt sell my idea i just put it out there ya know and someone persued it themselves -wow-

    im sort of relatively talking about my original idea for a clothing line with you

    please write back if you have advice or comments back or just a simple i saw you leave a reply blah blah it would not go un-appreciated

    and once again thanks for all the inspiration

    i might move in to your website hahha
    like live on your website hahha

    and once again thanks for even making this reply possible and thanks for all the inspiration i have recieved in the few enjoyable moments i have been online

    wow what a great thing i have found

    your new website advocate/aesthetic,

    Anthony G. Yakovich



  • Andrew

    I agree. Thank you so much for the info.

    I’m actually coming back to comment now, after reading these posts because it’s been such a help for me. I want everyone turning up here to know how good an information source this place is.

    This post helped me a lot. I am starting a t-shirt company, with a focus on one market. I was thinking of diversifying – even though I don’t have a tee made yet – and slapped myself on the wrist hard after reading this.

    Stick to the master plan. Keep focussed.

    Great advice, mthank you.
    Andrew (mungokitty)



  • trippytaka

    This is Andrew from the previous comment… well, we launched, stuck to the focussed market (cars) and have managed to secure some massive editorial support. Awesome marketing in magazines like Top Gear. And it’s free.

    It’s so true, this kind of exposure would never be possible without sticking to our original brand concept. Very good advice.

  • Angieirie

    My best friend and I are planning on starting a line next summer. Were doing lots of research and this website is SO helpful. So many things on here that I probably would have never thought of. thanks!!

  • Seannylove

    Great advice!
    We agree, your brand description is your way to communicate with your customers!

  • Sean

    The Booth Society is a brand born in the shadow of New York City, just like the hiphop lifestyle it’s inspired by. We strive to connect with the people that are the pulse of urban culture. DJ’s, Producers, Artists and Musicians in order to create a brand that combines the freshness of freestyle rap with the personality and detail of a produced record. And just like hiphop, we resist labels, literally. You won’t find our products plastered with our logo turning you into a walking billboard. We know that our clothing, with its creativity and comfort speaks for itself. We want you to wear it for the same reason we want to wear it, we love it.

  • Clothes 4 Cures

    I agree that being able to tell what your brand is about is important. I took an entrepreneur class and we discussed that in detail. We also had to be able to do an “Elevator Pitch” that explained our brand/company, in about 60-seconds.

  • meble dla młodzieży

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  • Jon Kruse