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  • T-Shirt Business - HTSACC

How to start a tshirt business

Categories: Business, Featured, Inspirational, Marketing, Starting Out|

Follow these 10 tips on how to start a tshirt business to avoid making costly mistakes and create a successful tshirt business the right way.

Best E-commerce website for your clothing line

Categories: Business, Design, E-commerce, Featured, Starting Out|

I remember back when I was first trying to figure out what to e-commerce system to use for my clothing website. There were so many different carts and information out there it was hard to [...]

  • Haet Press Shirt

Why you should use Plastisol Transfers to Print T-Shirts

Categories: Business, Printing, Starting Out|

Plastisol Transfers are screen printed designs that are printed on a special heat transfer release paper instead of directly on the shirt. Once the design is screen printed onto the paper, the printed heat transfer papers are shipped to your house. You can then use a heat press machine to print those designs onto your t-shirts, hoodies, or any other garment. These allows you to try the design on different colors and styles with less risk.

Where to buy blank tshirts

Categories: Business, Printing|

The question of where to buy blank shirts at wholesale prices always comes up. Below are two of the top companies I would suggest going with for blank tshirts. Both of them you will need [...]

Start a t-shirt business with no inventory

Categories: Business, E-commerce, Printing, Starting Out|

Great video overview of how to start a t-shirt business with shopify. In shopify you can use print on demand companies that take care of all of your printing and shipping. You end up making less profit in the beginning per shirt but you have no up front costs or inventory which can be costly when you start out.

  • Brain

Mastermind Group: Think and Grow Rich

Categories: Business, Marketing, Starting Out, Uncategorized|

Napolean Hill writes about the mastermind group as a key to success that will help you start your clothing company. A mastermind group is the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony. So a group of people with common interests helping each other out. When I started out I made friends with a lot of designers and clothing company owners and picked their brains about everything. Our goal was to learn from each other and help each other succeed.

  • Storenvy

Storenvy Review 2013

Categories: Business, E-commerce, Starting Out|

Storenvy has made a lot of changes since my original review so I thought it would be good to go back and give them another review. They have made some good improvements with a responsive theme and better marketplace but there are still better options for someone starting a clothing line.

  • Golden Rule

The Golden Rule – treat your customers right

Categories: Business, Starting Out|

I've been rereading Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich and it is an amazing wealth of knowledge for anyone starting a clothing line. One thing he focuses on is the Golden Rule: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

  • Clothing Line Copyright

How to copyright t-shirt designs

Categories: Business, Legal|

I get this question a lot. How do I copyright my t shirt design so no one can steal my designs from my clothing line? This article goes through all the legal information and what steps you need to take to fight someone in court.

  • Taxes in Clothing Business

Taxes for clothing companies. Are you ready?

Categories: Business, Taxes|

April 15th is right around the corner. Are you prepared to file taxes for your clothing company? The biggest stress I have ever gotten is from tax season and not knowing how to prepare my taxes. Let me tell you from experience, avoiding the issue and waiting till the last minute doesn't work. You need to be prepared and have your books up to date with all your businesses financial transactions.

  • Outright

Outright, help with your book keeping and taxes

Categories: Business, Taxes|

When I started a clothing company I didn't think about all the work that went into keeping track of all my expenses and income and how much of a pain in the ass it would [...]

Glamour Kill’s Mark Capicotto AltPress Interview

Categories: Business, Designers, Interviews, Starting Out, Store Owners|

When you think of clothing companies rooted in the music community, nothing should be more obvious than GLAMOUR KILLS CLOTHING. Not only has the brand spread to thousands of show-going bodies, but it's collaborated with bands, [...]

10 articles every clothing entrepreneur should read

Categories: Business, E-commerce, Marketing, Printing, Starting Out|

Characteristics of successful clothing line owners, Costs of Starting a clothing line, How to advertise and market your clothing line, How to launch your clothing line, Why you should pay a professional to print your shirts, SEO secrets the high priced consultants aren’t telling you, Stop trying to do it all and delegate, It’s not all about the product, How I became one of the top online t-shirt companies by being a nice guy, How to get your cool clothing line reviewed by a t-shirt blogger

What items can I sell besides t-shirts?

Categories: Business, Design|

Written by Ray Masaki This is a really good question, but the answer obviously depends on what you consider your demographic to be. But one thing that is definitely important regardless of your demographic is [...]

How to find your total sales tax in paypal for 2011

Categories: Business|

I always use google to try and find answers to my questions but somehow I couldn’t find any good information on how to find the total sales tax for 2011. I figured it out myself [...]

Book Recommendations for Clothing Company Owners

Categories: Business, Design, E-commerce, Marketing, Starting Out|

I just put up a page for my book recommendations. You can check it out on the very top navigation of the site on the far right. Or you can just click here book recommendations [...]

4 hour work week

Categories: Business|

Going home for Christmas I have an 8 hour drive from Northern California to Southern California. I always use this time to load my mp3 player with a couple of audio books and try to [...]

How much should you charge?

Categories: Business|

When I get new products like sunglasses or accessories sometimes I ask my friends how much they would buy them for. I've done this a few time and most of the time they come back [...]