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Review the latest articles dedicated to “Inspirational” category written by HTSACC editorial team. Find out here!

  • T-Shirt Business - HTSACC

How to start a tshirt business

Categories: Business, Featured, Inspirational, Marketing, Starting Out|

Follow these 10 tips on how to start a tshirt business to avoid making costly mistakes and create a successful tshirt business the right way.

How To Start a T-Shirt Business – FAIL

Categories: Inspirational, Starting Out|

I love this short video from Tom Peters. It is important to actually DO things. We need to get the ball rolling make mistakes and learn from them. Business isn't suited for the timid or the lazy. How to start your own clothing line.

  • Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes Interview

Categories: Designers, Inspirational, Interviews, Starting Out, Store Owners|

Johnny Cupcakes give a lecture in Chicago about his clothing company.

  • Entrepreneur

Entreprenuership: The good the bad and the ugly

Categories: Inspirational, Starting Out|

I love being an entrepreneur. It has been the biggest life changing experience but it wasn't always easy. I had just graduated from Cal State Northridge with a bachelors in design at the beginning of [...]

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. RIP Steve Jobs

Categories: Inspirational|

Denzel Washington’s 2011 commencement speech

Categories: Inspirational|

I started watching this speech and it is pretty bad in the beginning but I let it keep going while I made some food. At 6:45 is when it starts getting good and I would [...]

Make Decisions

Categories: Inspirational, Starting Out|

I've been reading the 37signals book called Rework and I really liked what they had to say about making decisions Decisions are temporary so make the call and move on Done. Start to think of [...]

Threadless: The Do-First Work Ethic

Categories: Inspirational|

Jeffrey Kalmikoff and Jake Nickell, co-founders of Threadless, talk about how they transformed a fun side project into a multimillion dollar company.

Stop trying to do it all and delegate

Categories: Inspirational, Starting Out|

When I started mediocore about 2 years ago I wanted to do everything. I wanted to design the shirts and website, screen print everything, and do all the marketing myself. This is how a lot [...]

Fail Fast, it’s the quickest way to succeed

Categories: Business, Inspirational|

The classic mindset is to try to get a business plan or product 95% right before taking action. This is great in theory, but it rarely works. The alternative is to get your idea about 50% right, then let customers tell you what your mistakes are. Listen, learn, get it 50% right, and put your idea through the process again. Keep at it until your customers say, "Wow!" Instead of debating options internally, you'll be making your idea real, taking it to customers, and learning as it fails.

Printing it yourself VS hiring it out

Categories: Inspirational, Interviews, Printing, Store Owners|

My buddy David Murray over at SEIBEI wrote this great article about doing screen printing vs hiring it out. I get e-mails all the time from people who want to learn screen printing and start [...]

Seth Gerszberg lecture – Ecko unltd.

Categories: Designers, Inspirational, Interviews, Store Owners|

This is the seventh annual Richard M. Clarke Distinguished Entrepreneurial Lecture, held on May 4, 2006, at Fairleigh Dickinson University's College at Florham. It was presented by the Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies, part of [...]

Tom Peters: Innovation is Actually Easy!

Categories: Inspirational|

Tom Peters: The Brand is the Talent

Categories: Inspirational|