Starting Out
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10 ways to increase your clothing brands awareness

Categories: Starting Out|

In today’s world, brands have become more important than ever before. Instead of focusing on selling their products, businesses now opt to increase their brand awareness. A brand conveys a business’s experience, credibility, and quality, [...]

How To Sell Your Band T-Shirts On Instagram

Categories: Marketing, Starting Out|

As a band, you are surely already very aware of how much people love buying your merch. This especially goes for t-shirts. You can see people everywhere wearing shirts with prints of their favorite band’s [...]

Boosting Customer Loyalty in Your Online Clothing Store

Categories: Starting Out|

Up until recently, companies considered making more sales as being their biggest concern, with customer loyalty rating low on their list of priorities. There has been a major paradigm shift in this respect, with a [...]

Apparel Sourcing – Attending a Show

Categories: Printing, Starting Out|

You may have an idea for a clothing design, but finding someone to make it for you can be one of the most difficult steps in the beginning stages. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned vet, in my experience the best way to find clothing producers is to attend a sourcing show.

All T-shirt Printing Methods

Categories: Printing, Starting Out|

Written by Ray Masaki Being in the t-shirt business, I’ve done a fair share of research on the t-shirt printing processes. I wanted to share all the processes I know, because I feel that it [...]

Tips for Making a Logo for your Clothing Brand

Categories: Design, Starting Out|

Written by Ray Masaki My article on creating a brand name went pretty well, so I wanted to follow it up with a little bit about logo design. So I realize how huge a topic branding and [...]

Creating a brand name for your clothing line

Categories: Starting Out|

Written by Ray Masaki What is branding? I personally think branding is the most important thing when it comes to an online clothing business. Branding is what basically sells the item before the potential customer [...]

Do I need a logo starting off my clothing line?

Categories: Design, Starting Out|

Written by Ray Masaki Question: do you need a logo for a clothing line to start off? Answer: In a word, I’d say yes. In terms of branding, a logo is maybe one of the [...]

Beginner Tips for Starting a Clothing Company

Categories: Starting Out|

Written by Ray Masaki Question: Who is your t-shirt manufacturer? Do you make them in house or outsource them to get a tag and design printed on them? I don’t plan to make my own [...]

Brand Consistency for clothing companies

Categories: Starting Out|

Written by Ray Masaki Preface I’ve been emailing with a guy who is interested in purchasing one of my t-shirt designs, and he asked me if I thought the design would be appropriate for his [...]

Plan of Action – starting a clothing company

Categories: Starting Out|

Written by Ray Masaki Question: So, i’ve got my first capsule-collection of tees made. 3graphics,3 styles. i did the photoshoot on Oahu (i love how it turned out) have two features on blogs, but i [...]

How to set-up artwork for screen printing

Categories: Design, Printing, Starting Out|

Written by Ray Masaki Question: Hi Ray. First off let me tell you how rad your clothing line is – really awesome! I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but I [...]

Type Logos vs Graphic Logos for clothing

Categories: Design, Starting Out|

Written by Ray Masaki Questions: I would like to start by off thanking you for answering questions for up and coming clothing lines. I’ve learned some things from you and I deeply appreciate it. Your [...]

How to break even with your clothing line

Categories: Starting Out|

Written by Ray Masaki Questions: Hello Ray, My name is Justin. I have pondered starting a clothing line. I’ve been doing extensive research because, well, if I do start one I’ll be running off a shoestring budget. [...]

Logos and Packaging for Clothing Lines

Categories: Design, Starting Out|

Written by Ray Masaki Questions: Hi Ray! I was just looking through some online articles and stumbled on your site. I’m also a young entrepreneur and I’m looking to start up a sneaker accessory brand [...]

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How to start a tshirt business

Categories: Business, Featured, Inspirational, Marketing, Starting Out|

Follow these 10 tips on how to start a tshirt business to avoid making costly mistakes and create a successful tshirt business the right way.

Best E-commerce website for your clothing line

Categories: Business, Design, E-commerce, Featured, Starting Out|

I remember back when I was first trying to figure out what to e-commerce system to use for my clothing website. There were so many different carts and information out there it was hard to [...]

How to name your clothing brand

Categories: Starting Out|

How to come up with the best name possible (for sure) Is it really that important for a new clothing brand to choose the right name? Is it possible? “It’s just a name.” I’ve heard [...]