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Review the latest articles dedicated to “Interviews” category written by HTSACC editorial team. Learn more about starting clothing company with famous experts!

Interview with Ex-Boyfriend & BoredWalk

Categories: Designers, Interviews, Starting Out, Store Owners|

This interview is with Matt Snow and Meredith Erin who run Ex-Boyfriend and and BoredWalk Matt Snow, Chief Creative Officer: Head designer, responsible for execution of roughly 95% of the creative content across brands (Ex-Boyfriend [...]

  • Collage - HTSACC

Interview with Go Ape Shirts

Categories: Designers, Interviews, Store Owners|

Do it if it’s something that you love. Don’t get into it for the money; don’t try to make a quick buck. I know this sounds cliche, but it’s really not work if you’re having fun doing it. Also, start small. You can always build.

  • Cloth - HTSACC

Random Objects Clothing Interview

Categories: Designers, Interviews, Store Owners|

My name is Anthony Simpson and I am the owner & creative director of Random Objects... and I love quotes! Don't judge me. I grew up hearing quotes and they became deeply ingrained into me. [...]

  • Seibei - HTSACC

Interview with David Murray of Seibei

Categories: Designers, Interviews, Starting Out, Store Owners|

David Murray, owner of SEIBEI ( pronounced say-bay) answers some questions about starting a clothing company. "Bring something unique to the table, try something new, and decide what's important to you and what you want out of it. Be prepared to not make money for a while. Don't blow a bunch of money on needless vanity (specialized packaging, hang tags, labels, etc) straight out the gate."

  • Jack Fans - HTSACC

Licensed Super Heroes: Interview with Jack of All Trades.

Categories: Interviews, Store Owners|

I had the opportunity to interview Allan Goldberg who is the president of Jack of All Trades. They have a ton of superhero and band shirts that are really well designed and stand out above the rest.

  • Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes Interview

Categories: Designers, Inspirational, Interviews, Starting Out, Store Owners|

Johnny Cupcakes give a lecture in Chicago about his clothing company.

Glamour Kill’s Mark Capicotto AltPress Interview

Categories: Business, Designers, Interviews, Starting Out, Store Owners|

When you think of clothing companies rooted in the music community, nothing should be more obvious than GLAMOUR KILLS CLOTHING. Not only has the brand spread to thousands of show-going bodies, but it's collaborated with bands, [...]

Craft Show Tips with SEIBEI

Categories: Interviews, Store Owners|

I talked with David Murray of Seibei a little bit about setting up at Craft Shows. Here are some of his words of wisdom. You can check out all my comments in red. STAY ORGANIZED [...]

Jake Nickell Interview

Categories: Interviews, Store Owners|

Here’s what I like about the interviews I’ve been doing over the past few weeks; I’m asking people I find interesting questions I want to hear the answers to. I guess it’s a little self-indulgent, [...]

Threadless Seminar

Categories: Interviews|

The founders of Threadless talk about their rise to awesomeness and a few other projects you might not have heard about. The real talk about threadless doesn't begin until halfway into the video. [...]

Interview with Flying Mouse

Categories: Designers, Interviews, Store Owners|

Over the past few months I’ve been fortunate enough for the opportunity to have some lengthy discussions about the t-shirt industry and get to know one of today’s top and one of my favorite designers. Chow Hon Lam (aka Flying Mouse) is revered in the t-shirt design world and you’ve no doubt seen his awesome work all over the internet. In the past he has been awarded newcomer of the year and most printed artist on Threadless, has took up the recent challenge of creating a new design everyday and now is branching out with his own clothing line.

Interview with Snakes and Suits

Categories: Interviews, Store Owners|

A few questions with Johnny Minardi of Snakes and Suits about his company and advice he would give to those looking to start up a similar venture. Snakes & Suits is a clothing company from [...]

Interview with Dance Party Massacre

Categories: Interviews, Store Owners|

Dance Party Massacre is a small clothing line with its roots based in Boston, MA. Drawing inspiration from film, music, pop culture, and nightlife, it's a youth-oriented brand with an independent spirit. It's conceptually-driven with [...]

Glamour Kills Interview

Categories: Designers, Interviews, Store Owners|

I was very pleased to be able to interview the seriously cool and visionary dude behind Glamour Kills, Mark Capicotto. He has done amazing things with his brand and the success he is now enjoying should ignite the spirit and desire in all fledgling tshirt designers and fashion entrepreneurs! It can be achieved! Glamour Kills have just put out their summer line and it is immense! So enjoy the interview below and have a look at just a very select cross-s3ection of the new threads available!

Interview with David Murray of SEIBEI

Categories: Interviews, Store Owners|

David Murray is the man behind Seibei, an awesome, quirky and extremely unique brand that has gained a large fan base for good reason! David, a self-taught illustrator with a college degree in Japanese Literature, began the brand in 2004 by screen printing and designing his tees, but it was in 2006 when Seibei really took off. One of the things I love about Seibei (and there are a lot) is that the tees are both amazing artistic designs and they’re funny. Most of the time when I see a tee that is funny, it usually isn’t aesthetically pleasing. This is absolutely not the case with Seibei tees, which is one of the many reasons this brand stands out and has had so much success.

Interview with Keaton Henson

Categories: Designers, Interviews|

Website: Could you start off by giving us a little background on yourself? Keaton Henson: I was born and raised in london england. was always into both art and music and have been in [...]

Networking for clothing lines

Categories: Design, E-commerce, Interviews, Marketing, Starting Out, Store Owners|

What is networking? Why is networking important? Why am I writing this and how does it have to do with Too Legit? All of these questions will be answered in the following Facet of Legitimacy. [...]

Ugmonk Interview

Categories: Designers, Interviews, Store Owners|

Hey Jeff how’s it going today? Ugmonk: Busy, but good. Before we get into Ugmonk tell us about yourself and your design background. Ugmonk: I’ve grown up doing all type of traditional art and decided [...]