How to package and ship your items with paypal shipping center

  • The first thing you need is envelopes to package your shirts it. I’ve been using uline poly mailers and they are light weight and durable. I got the 9 x 12 size and that’s the perfect size for shirts.
  • You’re also going to need a scale. I got a cheap one at Costco for $20 and it does the job.
  • The last thing you’re going to need is packaging tape or sticker paper so the printed label adheres to the package.

Sign into paypal and click on “details” to view one of your orders. One thing to note is that everything that has a “print shipping label” icon next to it is something that needs to be shipped.

On the next page write down the person’s name on the front of the envelope and place their order inside. I write the name on the front to make sure I use the right label if I’m mailing out multiple items that day. Seal the package.

Click on print Shipping label at the bottom of the page.

I always use First Class Mail when I’m shipping inside the US. It is the cheapest and only takes 2-5 days. One of the limitations for Fist Class is that the package cannot be over 13 ounces. In those instances when it goes over I use Priority Mail. For Package size I always chose Large Package. Weigh your item and round up to the nearest whole number. If it’s 7.1 ounces round it up to 8. I don’t do signature confirmation or insurance. It adds up every time you use it and in the long run it’s cheaper not to spend the money on insurance. Click continue on the bottom right

On the next screen make sure everything is right and press pay and continue. A pop up window will come up with the label so make sure your not blocking the popup windows.
Click Print Label.

You can either use sticker paper to print your labels on or you can just cut them out and use packaging tape to adhere the label to the envelope When you use the packaging tape make sure you don’t go over the barcode. If you go over the barcode it can be scanned in.

For shipping out of the country and I pay for the shipping at USPS because they don’t allow you to use First Class Mail for international shipping. The other choices charge around double so it’s worth it to take it to the post office. I’ve heard that Endicia does First Class Mail online but they have a monthly charge.
The process I use for international orders is very similar. After I’ve clicked the details and got the package all set up I click on Print Packaging Slip at the bottom of the page. I print this page out and cut out the address and tape it onto the envelope. After I’ve printed the packaging slip I go back to the previous page and click on Remove Shipping Button/Link. This way I know that I’ve taken care of it and only the items with the Print Shipping Label button need to still be shipped.

Paypal also has an option to do pay for multiple items at once but personally I think there are to many clicks and it isn’t put together well enough to bother using this method.

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  • funny t shirts

    Very informative, I have been using pay pal pro terminal which I like allot but have not tried the label printer option before. I take it to USPS and go Priority but the first class does make sense to me. thanks,

  • dave

    At resist today Josh and I use paypal to accept payments, an IPN to manage our custom database for stock and Endicia tied to a custom backend for label printing. Endicia works with XML files so you can do batch printing. I’d be curious how others deal with batch printing shipping labels.

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  • Kathleen

    I use endicia, it costs @ $15 a month. I haven’t calculated in awhile but I think it saves me at least $80 a month over the cost of the service. The main reason is, I send everything delivery confirmation. With endicia, you get a sizeable discount, 35 to 50 cents per order. You also get discounts on international; I save 50 cents to canada and I think a dollar going anywhere else. The other thing I like is I can automatically email the customer with fields already filled in, date of shipping, tracking number etc, it’s all automated. Lastly, I can export all the customer shipping information into a database.

  • Mark

    What professional company do you use to print the designs on your tees and what’s a reasonable price for such a company to charge?

  • Jon Kruse has great prices and the print quality is amazing. I used them for SHRED and couldn’t be happier. Tell them Jon Kruse sent you and they will give you 25 cents off each shirt.

  • JP

    Have you figured out a sticker paper that can be used for the USPS labels to adhere to the package? The cutting, pasting, taping takes a while nor do I want to go through the cost associated with a label printer. Thoughts on label options?


    I’ve been having problems on how to enter shipping info onto paypal..
    Not so much entering it in but lets say im shipping a shirt to new york and a shirt to arizona should I just charge a flat rate for one shirt or should I enter in individually of how much something is going to cost to a certain area..?

  • Newman from Seindfeld

    7.1 does not round up to 8. If you are doing this, you are wasting money every time.

    And if you haven't read – when your package is less than 2lbs, they won't re-weigh it.

    Simple step is just use common sense. If your package is 13.1oz or 14 oz, I wouldn't get all bent out of shape that your .1 or 1 oz over the First Class limit. The post office doesn't care to weigh and measure pre-labeled mail.

    If you aren't ridiculous, you don't have to be that accurate. With Priority, there is much less accuracy. 1lb or 1.5lb is the same value, so you're better off giving it a higher number than a lower.

  • KR

    You can use regular paper to print your label on pay pal, cut it to put on package, then use spray adhesive on the back of your label to stick to your package. I would also use a couple of strips of tape just to make sure its secure.

  • Justin A

    I really appreciate that you've taken the time to write this. I am a blank slate when it comes to selling t-shirts online. I am currently in the process of starting my own venture. Also , I figured it would be a good idea to write a blog detailing the whole process.
    If you have the time please drop by and comment on where I might be going wrong or add just some helpful tips.

  • Robert James

    Thanks for the information. I have just ordered some stuff from the paypal shipping center and this would not have been possible without your help.

  • game writer guy

    Paypal Multiorder Shipping used to be a great resource. However, I think it’s dead now. The last 3 times I tried to use it, I spent all the time to set up the order and then it failed at the last step, saying it couldn’t communicate with the USPS.

  • Konnie Witt

    Thank you so much for breaking it all down. I am new to this and this really helped! You rock!!