Top 20 T-Shirt Blogs

I had a post on this site for a giant list of t-shirt blogs that was very popular but haven’t updated it in a while. I had their page rank in the list so you could see how important google views the sites but there is a lot more information to compare all these sites.

Andy over at hide your arms made the site
A good idea but a voting system isn’t the best way I would compare all the site. What ends up happening is blogs tell their readers to go vote for them on the site so they can be number one.

I then ran across the holy grail of t-shirt blog lists. Check out
You can sort the sites by Google PR, Alexa ranking, Compete rank and many more. Find the most popular blogs and contact the owners to get your shirts seen by as many people as possible.

Also check out this article about how to talk to bloggers

Ohh yeah sorry wasn’t a top 20 list at all. I just liked the sound of it. Rank the blogs by a couple of different ways at

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