Threadbird Screen Printing

Hi this is Jon Kruse, I run How to start a clothing company. When I started out it was hard to find a quality screen printer that was professional, with over-sized prints, super soft ink, and a product that I was 100% happy with. After using a couple screen printers, and having problems with all of them, I finally found Threadbird.

I used Threadbird when I started my clothing company Shred. Some of the shirts were 9 colors and I really needed a screen printer that could deliver on intricate oversized prints. When I got the prints I was amazed at how soft they were and I have used them ever since and recommended them to others. Also every color was exactly what I had intended and they sent me a mock approval to make sure everything was right.

I would highly recommend ordering one of their sample shirts for their shop, to see the quality of their prints.

Here is a little more about Threadbird

When it comes to T-Shirt  screen printing, not all companies are created equal. Screen printers come in all shapes and sizes and finding a solid one can be harder than you think! From inexperienced “garage shops” with one manual press to experienced “industry shops” with 500 shirt minimums, quality and price run the gamut. This is where Threadbird steps in. Whether you need 36 or 10,000 shirts we work to get you the highest quality at a price you can afford. This is “The Real Deal”.

approval_bigMock Approvals

If you know anything about screen printing, you know a lot can go wrong. It’s extremely important to feel good about your order. Once your order is submitted and paid for, the art department prepares digital proofs, showing what the artwork looks like on an average sized shirt, ink colors, print size and any concerns we may have. After your review, they correct any changes before printing begins.

Threadbird can do what other screen printers can’t

Threadbird specializes in large format jumbo prints (up to 17.25″ wide x 23.5″ tall). They can print up to 10 colors per design. Also they specialize in full color simulated and process printing. They can tackle any amount of detail, while maintaining beautiful, soft prints.


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