Woven Tag Manufacturer

Sorry this company I previously recommended was unprofessional and I am no longer am working with them.

There will be another recommended manufacturer here soon.

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Types of Tags

Center Fold

center fold

Center fold is the most popular and used for sewing into a seam. So everything you see at the top of your shirt is a center fold tag. 

t shirt tags ugmonk

manhattan fold

Manhattan fold is when the tag is at the edge of an item, and also called a “hem tag.” Lots of beanies use hem tags as well as the “tail” of a garment or its pocket. Its very easy to sew/stitch and can be seen from both sides. It has a very clean finished edge and is actually a center fold but the top 2 edges are also folded. So it actually has 3 folds.

t shirt tags ugmonk

straight cut

Straight Cut is just a label without any folds. So if you just wanted a label and to sew it onto a shirt on all sides this is what you would use.