The best t-shirt tag designs

One of the most overlooked details in t shirts is t shirt tags. When I say tshirt tags, I am specifically talk about the tags hidden away on the inside of your shirt. The tshirt tag that never sees the light of day, and is usually an afterthought. So after coming across some incredibly creative t shirt tags that in my mind add value and personality to a brand I decided to put together a list of companies that do an incredible job with their custom tshirt tags.

Some of these companies use silk screen tshirt tags, providing maximum comfort and that non-itchy woven tag and some of these companies opt for the custom woven tag, which to me comes off a bit more professional.  I even found one brand that uses both a woven and a silk screen tag for the ultimate combination of awesomeness!  Whether you prefer the woven tag or the silk screened tag I think we all can agree that the t shirt tag is becoming an art of it’s own.

T shirt tag examples

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Personally I enjoy screen printed tshirt tags the most and they are the most cost effective way to get custom tags done for your own shirts. Most screen printers will be able to do this option for you. I like screen printed t shirt tags because they are comfortable and often times woven tags itch and I cut them out anyway.

I’ve also seen a lot of great hang tags that are attached with a safety pin. Anyone can get something printed and attach it with a string and safety pin it to your shirts. Better yet buy a stamp and hand stamp your design on a hang tag.

Woven t shirt tags do look more professional in my opinion but they can get pricey, I wouldn’t suggest doing it for anyone starting out but if you want to add value to your shirts and make it more professional down the road these can be a great addition.

Tshirt tag design tip

Selling shirts at shows I realized it is important to have the size of the shirt on the top, or at least near the top. You don’t want to have to go searching through shirts and pulling down the collar to find the right size shirt on the tag. So think ahead and put this info near the top. Besides that, the sky is the limit.

Tshirt tag video

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    Great Article Jon!

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    ok, this was helpful. Right now my purse and t-shirt line is just a brainstorm of me and my daughters, but we do have a theme and just need to know how to go about to obtaining the company name, and how to get the rights for the tag logo and logos for the sayings we want to put on the t-shirts. If you can help me I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    Danielle Roberts
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  • S.

    This was an interesting point that I think is often overlooked. As someone working on creating a tag design, this article was helpful. I have to disagree with a lot of those choices, though. Not that they are bad, but I think there are probably others out there that are a lot more creative. I do like the Cry Wolf one, and while it is not really my style, I have to admit the Johnny Cupcake one is creative.

  • Biaka

    Jon, I wish you posted this back in July when I was wondering how to design a tag for Hello Destroyers… but thanks for the post, it’s really gotten me to think outside of the box. Cheers!

  • mayamada

    Good article. Having a custom tag helps create the image of a more professional brand. I would love to have a tag, but I’m currently selling my t-shirts on Spreadshirt who leave the original tag on. Still this article will come in handy when we begin printing t-shirts ourselves.


  • Jon Kruse

    Good luck. I only know of one company that made a living off of spreadshirt and that was the company spreadshirt : )

  • Nigel

    haha, I think you’re right. The plan is to move away once we see some traction in the brand. We have our own website setup so hopefully we won’t be on SS forever.

  • TJ Hansen

    I would love to get a printed tag on my shirts! But how would I go about doing this? The shirts that get screen printed already have tags inside them! Is there a way to successfully remove the tag? Or can you buy blank, tagless shirts?

  • adam

    they’re definitely more companies that do some killer tag designs, I will definitely be putting together a second part to this article, glad everyone enjoyed it. I put together articles like this a lot at And Jon you definitely will be in the follow up article.

  • jonkruse

    Many screen printers will remove the tags and screen print the tags for you. I haven't really looked into getting actual tags made that are sewed on.

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    Check out the other posts about copyright laws.

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    No problem.

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    This site is fucking rad

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    I noticed that some tag didn't have those numbers i.e. RN?????, CA??????, RFC  DFL??????


  • dewilde

    Where can I go to get tags designed for my clothing line?

  • dewilde

    Where can I get tags printed for my clothing company?

  • Shone

    I found a website that does it.
    they have various types of labels that can be sewed or ironed onto the clothes.

  • D8byr

    hello i am a london based clothing company that is looking clothing tags ideas if you know any good companys thats thats do this it would be much appreciated 

  • RosanaLevesque

    I love it how you included woven labels, printed labels on satin and cotton, silk-screened labels and also sublimation. A very good compilation. Thanks for sharing

  • jonkruse

    Check out the screen printer in our screen printing section. A lot of these examples were done by them

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    Great Video on tags-I have just started researching tag options and this was the first video I have seen and it was extremely informational. Thanks for the quality and attention to detail.

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    Is that your youtube channel?

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    I always look for custom tags & those brands that use them stand out!

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    That is Adam Hendles youtube channel. He runs

  • gerard

    can anyone recommend a t-shirt tag company. i’m in the UK. Scotland

  • Silvia Loren

    I do agree with you adam…tshirt tags has now become an art. now most of the companies make artistic tshirt tags. I like most silk screen tshirt tags that is more comfortable to me..tshirt tags are becoming more stylist than other clothing tags


  • Ur Art Studio

    A wonderful collections. I like to share your link to others. Amazing!.

  • Ur Art Studio

    A wonderful collections. I like to share your link to others. Amazing!.