Ben | How to start a clothing company
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About Ben

Hi my name is Ben, I've been running FRIGHT RAGS since 2003, and we've been bringing horror fans from around the world the best in horror t-shirts and apparel. We know what you want, because we're fans ourselves. From cult classics to even the most obscure films, we have the horror shirts you want...better yet, the horror shirts you NEED.
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Copyrights and licensing for clothing lines

Categories: Featured, Legal, Starting Out|

I know what you’re thinking…you have an awesome idea for a shirt, but it’s using a well known, copyrighted character. “Hmm,” you say, “I could probably get away with it, right? I mean, it’s not like [insert major corporation here] own every aspect of the character. Besides, what I’m really doing is a parody and hardly looks like it…yeah, it’ll be ok…right?” Sound familiar? Read this article to understand what is legal and illegal in the world of shirt design.

Discover Your Market: A look at something new

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Two important things When taking on the endeavor of a new market it is always important to realize and address couple things. The first is that you must realize that you are doing something new. [...]