I’m very glad to say that the first interview for tee shirt fashion is with Kyle Crawford of Electric Zombie. I want this interview to speak for itself, but I will say that I chose Kyle as the first interview not only because I admire his work with Electric Zombie, but also because of his originality. I started this blog not only because I’m a tee fanatic, but also because I feel that many of the other blogs out there feature tees that are not truly original. With this blog I only want to showcase brands doing innovative things. While a lot of brands are doing horror right now, Electric Zombie stands out and remains original. With that said, onto the interview…

1. When did you start Electric Zombie?

I started Electric Zombie in 2007 after ending a relationship between
Rockett Clothing and myself.
Electric Zombie was a graphics name I had been going by for a while,
when it came time to name my clothing line, it seemed fitting.

2. Where do you expect the company will be in a few years?

I’m a pretty negative person, so I don’t expect much. I feel like if
you feel and have this positive attitude all the time, the let down is
much worse. I feel as if I put my head in a bad place and success
comes, it’s much more rewarding. Rather than the positive “I knew it!”
response. That being said, I can’t really tell you. I personally think
that this year is a make or break year for me. I’m going to be 26 in
june and I look at it as, “how long will I be freelancing or designing
for bands for? When is it going to be lame for me to be designing for
these young bands?” Electric Zombie is always something to come back
to. It’s my hobby as it is. My sole income isn’t established from my
brand. So If it doesn’t go up hill and exceed expectations, I am most
likely going to put off releasing anything for a while and focus on my
career instead of relying on a hobby

3. Tell us a little bit about your upcoming line.

The new line that just came out is my strongest line to date. I went
with some new designers. Tested some waters. Tried out a new brand of
shirt. Explored a lot of different options and leaped into the world
of cut and sew. In the summer I am going to be testing out new
packaging waters. Just having fun. The summer I think is all abotu
fun, cutting loose and taking risks. Thats what I plan on doing. I
wish I could give away more but I cant!

4. How did you feel being voted for best young brand of 2008?

It feels good, I totally didn’t expect it. Like I said I am a very
VERY negative person. I feel as if people get this vibe from me that I
am big headed cocky and full of myself. It’s totally not the case. I’m
just a normal dude who has way more insecurities than a twelve year
old girl. It was a refreshing award to win, I can’t wait to see who’s
nominated this year and hopefully I can win something else!

5. What trends are you sick of?

There’s no trends I am really sick of. Just certain designers. There’s
going to be a huge trend change this year. Illustration is going to be
a thing of the past and only people who are known and hired for will
continue to strive. But those who think they can pick up a pen and
doodle scan and sell are in for a rude awakening. I think things are
going to go back to basics. I think 1 color designs will be a hit this

kiss the “doodling” good-bye

6. How do you feel about branding?

I think it’s somewhat important. I don’t feel the need to cram my logo
down the customer/consumer’s throat. In my case I think a theme or a
style is what people know me for. Over the top and crazy designs.
I don’t think it’s a necessity, but it couldn’t hurt. Branding isn’t
for everyone.

7. What do you do to market your brand? What’s worked and what hasn’t?

I think I am one of those word of mouth brands. I don’t advertise in
magazines. I don’t buy ad spaces. I just give shirts to friends in
bands and do an occasional bulletin or blog post. It just happens. I
feel very lucky. Like I said, I feel the designs speak for themselves

8. What makes a successful brand?

good designs, getting inside the mind of the customer. Look at it as,
“If I were going to buy a shirt from someone, what perks would I like?
What would make me happy?” Understanding, being straight forward and
take risks. Don’t just do it to do it, if you have a good idea use it.
Don’t do it for the attention or the money. I do this for fun and to
give everyone what they want and that’s rad tee shirts

9. How do you feel about the t-shirt industry right now? Particularly
with so many new and similar brands flooding the market.

Everyone is starting to do the clothing line again. In my perspective,
there’s too many zombie horror lines. Which sucks because it’s one of
my favorite things and what I am most passionate about. I’m not sure
if people want to “outdo me” or “If he can do it why can’t I?”

everyone is using the same people and doing the same things.
at first I didn’t really like 410bc, because I felt like we were doing
similar things. Now the brand has a new direction and it’s seriously
great. They aren’t just some “shirt” company, I think they’ll be going

But back to the question at hand,
in my line of shirts.

Dekay, Zombie Licorice and now American Slasher, are all doing the
same things. It seriously makes me want to give up. Ideas that I have
can’t be used, things I wanted to do can’t be done. Childish or not,
it’s really annoying to see that people can’t get their own ideas. I
am by no means saying that I am an originator. But people know me for
a certain theme and style. From my clothing line to my band merch
designs. People trying to jump on the band wagon look like they’re
doing just that and it puts a damper on my ideas and hard work.

10. To end, is there anything you have planned for EZ that you can
share with our readers?

Summer is going to be lot’s of fun. The summer is going to knock your
socks off. From The packaging to the garment at hand. The extras will
be over the top and I’m excited to get that ball rolling. Keep your
eyesssss pealedddd!

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