Greg Ker | How to start a clothing company
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What to expect as an indie brand at a trade show – Pool Vegas

Categories: Uncategorized|

Originally written in 2012 After recently returning from the Pool Trade show in Vegas with •MILES TO GO• (, I realized that for most of us with smaller clothing lines, doing a trade show is [...]

Discharge Printing: Part One – An introduction to how it works

Categories: Printing|

Standard silk screening has traditionally been done using plastisol inks, which are plastic/ oil based.  Discharge inks can be either a hybrid of plastisol and water based, by mixing plasti-charge with a plastisol color or [...]

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What is a line sheet?

Categories: Starting Out|

A line sheet would be a printed catalog displaying the items you have for sale. It’s important to make a PDF version as a lot of people just open up emails and look online. The printed sheets are extremely helpful when selling at any trade shows or when approaching an account that you’d like to pick up.

Building Brand Loyalty

Categories: Marketing|

I get asked often about how a new brand can build customer and brand loyalty and although there is no simple answer, there are some tips to help get the wheels in motion. First off, [...]

How many shirts to get for your first t-shirt order

Categories: Printing, Starting Out|

If you are starting a brand and wanting to jump into the world of t-shirts, deciding how many shirts of each design to get made in the initial run can be really confusing.  I’d like [...]

15 tips for new entrepreneurs

Categories: Starting Out|

15 tips for new entrepreneurs. 1. Anyone who tells you to fake it until you make it hasn’t made it. 2. Work harder than everyone else. 3. In the beginning you will be pulling double duty working and starting your business and you have to be willing to put in really long days. Too bad, we’ve all had to do the same thing.

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