If you plan on selling wholesale, you have to have a line sheet or sales sheet as it can be called.  I’ve searched around and there isn’t much good information really describing what these things are, so hopefully I can give you a better idea.

What is a line sheet?

A line sheet would be a printed catalog displaying the items you have for sale.  It’s important to make a PDF version as a lot of people just open up emails and look online.  The printed sheets are extremely helpful when selling at any trade shows or when approaching an account that you’d like to pick up.  Sometimes having a physical sheet for someone to hold in their hands can help get the account.  There are a few routes you can go, with the later being my personal preference… You can do color copy pieces of paper if you’d like or you can spend the money to get professional looking sheets printed up.  They are listed as Sell Sheets often on print sites.  I’ve used 4over and Next Day Flyers for mine in the past because you can get full bleed 8.5 x 11 sheets printed up and they look so much more professional than a color copy on cheap paper stock.  I’ve gotten a ton of compliments from buyers on how nice they look.  A lot of companies go the cheap route, but when selling something so visual, I think its important to make it look its best.  A mock up on cheap paper doesn’t present as well as an actual product shot printed professionally.  Looking nicer than everyone else isn’t a bad thing.

Here is what my summer 14 sheet looked like: Tees on one side, more tees and totes on the back side and contact info.  On previous sheets with less items, I would use the back for brand supporting imagery.

As my offerings got even bigger and included journals and other items, I went to an 8 page saddle stitch catalog so I could include information like pricing, order minimums, contact info, etc.

What needs to be on a line sheet?

You need to have each item you offer, some sort of catalog numbering system for item names and contact info. For instance, Moby Dick is MTG001.  When selling to retail you might need to use UPC numbers, but I list the item’s name on my sheets and have the UPC listed on the order forms as well as how they are categorized in my quickbooks.  Because as a clothing line, you may have seasonal offerings that change, the sheets should change when that happens each season.  It’s important to chose a set group of items that you offer.  It will make your life a lot easier when you can focus on keeping that set group in stock.  I allow stores to order off of my website as well, but from current stock.  Those special request items (view full order form) can be bought but may not be available on future orders.  Any item offered on the line sheet will be kept in stock.

Order forms should be available for download too.  Here is a snapshot of what one of my excel forms looks like.  You can view any of my full size files for wholesale download on the miles to go site under wholesale

I find making an Excel order form is the easiest way to go as most people are familiar enough with using Excel to properly fill it out.  It can be used in open office or viewed in google docs as well, so anyone should have access to fill one out.  It also allows them an easy way to copy information like your UPC and item title into their system at their store if they’d like.  All information about pricing is laid out and sizing is made clear enough to make ordering easy.

With these two things, you are ready to approach stores with confidence.

Greg Ker has run Miles to Go since 2007.

Now has helps companies manufacture pins through pingamestrong.com

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