So I’ve run into a lot of people talking the talk, gloating about how well their company is doing, or trying to get me involved with their project.

If I don’t know you I will be skeptical and look at a few things that will let me know if you are full of shit : )

Alexa Ranking

Go to and pull up their site. I’ve run a bunch of different sites so I know how much traffic a site is getting compared to what their alexa ranking is. For example the ranking of this site is 235,304. I get 18k in visitors every month.  Around 1-2 million in ranking will be a couple thousand hits. Also look at the traffic Rank for 7 day and 1 month. If they are a new site it will take a while for their 3 month average to go up but they could be getting amazing traffic right now.

Page Rank

Google uses it to tell how much value to place on your site and I use it the same way. Page rank is calculated by google and gives you a rating from 0-10 depending on how many link backs you have. So if you have a 2 or below I know you aren’t linked to a lot of websites.

This really gets me a good overview on how well a company is doing. Sometimes they run on subdomains, like if they have a bigcartel store, and alexa just calculates the ranking for and not the actual store. By the way, you can have your own domain on bigcartel by using cnames. So now you are equipt with a bullshit detector, use it wisely.

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