Could you start off by giving us a little background on yourself?

Keaton Henson: I was born and raised in london england. was always into both art and music and have been in love with nothing else ever since. i now work as an illustrator/artist and musician in greater london and rarely leave my room.

Has art been something that you have always been involved with or did
you fall into as you went?

Keaton Henson: As mentioned before art, in all its forms has always been my life. I failed throughout school and college and hated art in the education system, so left at an early age and began working.

You have a very recognizable style, how did you develop into this style
and what were your influences?

Keaton Henson: I believe a style is something that takes your entire life until this point to form, and it continues to change and adapt as you live.

I think my style comes from pretty much everything I enjoy/have been into. From cartoons that terrified me as a child, to some really cool artist I saw in an exhibition a week ago. With my music I’m influenced by literally everything.

Congratulations on the designs for Electric Zombie and Drop Dead! How
was working with those brands?

Keaton Henson: Yeah it was good. they’re both great clients and give me lots of reign on the designs.

You seem to do a lot of CD artwork and T-Shirt design. Do you have a
preference when it comes to projects?

Keaton Henson: I prefer to work within the more fashion end, like the blood is the new black and topshop ranges. Its a huge relief to be able to draw things that can make people think instead of just rustling up some colourful creatures with guts and slime.

Do you have a favorite medium to work with and what draws you to it?

Keaton Henson: I like to work with pen/brush and ink most the time, I also use some watercolour and obviously do a lot of colouring digitally. But really do like to stay close to the original black and white images, mainly because I’m colourblind, also because its such an ancient and trusted way of image making.

You really have done a wide range of projects, do you have a favorite?

Keaton Henson: As i said i loved doing the blood is the new black and ranges. But my true love lies in my song-writing. I’m in the middle of working on my album and its taking years but definitely means the most. I’ve also just finished a book which took over a lot of my life and i enjoyed hugely.

So how do you fill your time when your not designing?

Well, when Im not designing i tend to be writing songs, or thinking about what to draw next. I don’t drink or anything so don’t tend to spend much time out at nights, and am working during the days so my evenings and weekends are a chance to draw and write whatever I want, without clients or even showing it to anyone else.

I always believe that art and music pretty much go hand in hand. Do you
usually listen to music while designing and if so, whom do you listen to?

Keaton Henson: Ironically, despite my aforementioned obsession with music, I tend to work with the tv on, as i find these days its less likely to distract me than music. So most of my work is created with ‘bargain hunt’ or something equally arduous playing in the background.

When your designing is there a certain mood you like to set or be in
before working?

Keaton Henson: Not really to be honest. with illustration its something i can just dive in and out of. When writing songs I guess I get a little introspective and angst, but designing for clients is a lot like plumbing to me. Once the ideas there, its just a process of technique and labor.

Any upcoming projects that we should be on the lookout for?

Keaton Henson: Definitely, there’s a few new tshirts and skate decks on the way, but mainly my book. which is hopefully going to be published at some point soon. And i’m in the process of adapting my website to show more of my music and videos and stuff like that.

Lastly are you open to people approaching for designs and if so what is
the best way to contact you?

Keaton Henson: Yeah definitely. i love to gain new clients as often as possible. and id say the best way would just be to email me at and we can get going from there.

To check out the rest of Keaton’s Work visit:

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