Alright they work but they don’t have your best interests at heart. There are sites like spreadshirt, zazzle, and cafe press that will take care of the printing and shipping to your customers but the quality and profits aren’t amazing.

Like most things the greater the risk the greater the reward. Lot’s of people want to put up no risk in starting a clothing company and with that attitude you won’t get very far. With most of these direct fulfillment sites your costs per tee are $13-20. Average shirts you would probably sell for around $20. So that’s a $7 profit at the most but you don’t have to take care of any of the printing or shipping.

If you printed 50 white shirts, 1 color, on something inexpensive like tultex it would probably be around $6 per shirt depending on who you print with. You have up front costs of $300 but your profit per shirt is $14 for shirts you charge $20 for. That’s twice as much profit as with one of these direct fulfillment companies. You have other costs like shipping materials and shipping costs but you usually recoup all those loses having the customer pay for shipping to the order.

I wrote this post because lately I have just been getting so many emails asking for direct fulfillment sites.

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