Design - Part 2
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Review the latest articles dedicated to “Design” category written by HTSACC editorial team. Contact us today to learn more!

Book Recommendations for Clothing Company Owners

Categories: Business, Design, E-commerce, Marketing, Starting Out|

I just put up a page for my book recommendations. You can check it out on the very top navigation of the site on the far right. Or you can just click here book recommendations [...]

Free Halftone Pattern Overlay

Categories: Design|

Working for Teefury, I sometimes have to modify art to reduce color counts to suit our 6 color maximum. I’ve uploaded this PATTERN OVERLAY that can be used from Layer Styles to fill a layer [...]

Inking 101 – Spidey Cover

Categories: Design|

Original article posted at deviant art Hey Guys, Thought I would put up a little step by step detailing how to create a cover for Marvel. You don't have to read the whole thing if [...]

Top 5 mistakes in ecommerce design

Categories: Design, E-commerce|

1. Splash Page A splash page is the landing page of your site where it has a flash animation or just text that says “Enter”. A simple google search will show you tons of articles [...]

Design Process for t-shirts

Categories: Design|

Written by Derek Deal I get asked a lot how i go about making my designs so i figured I’d give a general overview of how I work. The video above is a time lapse [...]

T-shirt design tips: Halftones

Categories: Design|

This article was written by Sol Amstutz Utilizing halftones is a pretty quick and easy step to create the illusion that you are using more colors in your design than you actually are. Subsequently, this [...]

Effective Web Design

Categories: Design, E-commerce|

I am surprised I haven't written about web design in the past since it's what I have been doing the past two years at double dragon studios. There are a lot of things to think [...]

410 BC Packaging.

Categories: Design, Marketing|

Andy over at Hide Your Arms wrote this article about 410bc's new packaging. 410BC sent me a tee a little while back (which will likely be posted soon), and I loved the packaging that it [...]

Working with artists (from the artists perspective)

Categories: Business, Design|

This article was on the suffoca blog and I thought it offered good insight into how a designer thinks. Working with clients is another side to my work, here’s a few handy tips i’v learnt [...]

Typography for t-shirt designs

Categories: Design|

Article by: Austin Martin I could go for days about typography. Typefaces, kerning, leading, tracking, etc., etc. I thought, "Hey! I’m sure most people don’t really know the basic fundamentals of typography!". This is not [...]

T-shirt design process – Greg Abbot

Categories: Design|

By Greg Abbot I get asked about my regular working process quite often so decided to post a basic overview for those who are interested. I produce my work in three stages. I use Corel [...]

Line Work for t-shirt designs

Categories: Design|

Written by: Sol Amstutz Here are a lot of ways an illustration can be ruined, and a big one is line work. The line work is almost like the skeleton of an illustration, because you [...]

Coloring Tips for T-shirt Designs

Categories: Design|

Written by: Sol Amstutz Ah, coloring. It’s something every artist has loved since childhood, and some have grown to hate. Once again, like most things that are part of a greater whole, how you choose [...]

Band T-shirt Tutorial

Categories: Design|

This article was originally posted on Go Media’s blog by  Jeff Finley. The Project: You’re hired to create a “sick” t-shirt design for a major label Metal band. Their fans also listen to Metallica, Slayer, [...]

How to design a band tshirt tutorial

Categories: Design|

This was the first shirt tutorial I came across when I was starting out. Jeff Finley and Go media have written some really great articles but this is the one that initially made me researching [...]

how to set up artwork for screen printing

Categories: Design|

Ray from Lowdtown wrote another good article about setting up your artwork for screen printing. I put in two comments below. What I’m real confused about is the printing method. I’m just about to have [...]

T-shirt Design Illustration Technique

Categories: Design|

When you need to create something with that hand-drawn look but you’re on a tight time line – this is one way to do it fast. The project I was working on was a t-shirt design for Black Ace Clothing. They’re great guys and pay us well so I am not normally rushing through their projects. But on this particular project I had already completed a large hand-drawn illustration for the back of the shirt. They wanted an additional illustration for the front of the shirt, but I was concerned about the total budget for one t-shirt, so, I busted out this little trick of mine. It saved me time, and saved them money!

How to be a good client

Categories: Design, Starting Out|

1. clear your mind of any image you have built up. A designer cannot read your mind so the finished product will never ever look exactly how you see it. And they will not spend the next year revising the design over and over in the hope that it might. Put your ideas in the designers hands, and be excited to see something completely unique by a creative professional. 2. look carefully at your chosen designers work, develop their brief in accordance with their personal style. stop asking me to draw sexy chicks. 3. Remember that a professional designer is not a way for you to exercise your artistic frustrations, They are not just a pair of hands for you to feel creative with. A professional designer does so because of an ability to come up with ideas not just realize them, and their ideas may well be better than yours.

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