Design - Part 3
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Networking for clothing lines

Categories: Design, E-commerce, Interviews, Marketing, Starting Out, Store Owners|

What is networking? Why is networking important? Why am I writing this and how does it have to do with Too Legit? All of these questions will be answered in the following Facet of Legitimacy. [...]

SEO for Apparel and T-Shirt Companies

Categories: Design, E-commerce, Marketing|

Tim Toomey from Assault Blog and Assault Shirts talks about how to get SEO results without spending a lot of money. He gives some great tips for keyword strategies, blog strategies and coding strategies.

How to design the best website for a clothing line

Categories: Design|

So assuming that you have a bunch of great products and you have the money to produce them, the next most important thing is to have a professional website. To us indie designers, a website is everything. It’s pretty much our only storefront, well, for those who can’t afford a brick and mortar store anyway. So like any store that you would visit in a mall or in SoHo or in Tokyo or wherever, it has to be presentable and professional and give the customer a good impression of your brand.

Color Resources for Tee Designers

Categories: Design|

You’ve been working on a design in your spare time for 5 days straight… and almost everything is perfect. Everything except the colors. You have 4 different variations laid out in illustrator and keep flipping [...]

Tutorial: Global Color in Illustrator

Categories: Design, Printing|

This Article was written by Derek Deal and was originally posted on the Black Axe Blog. I recently started predominantly using Illustrator to color my designs since starting The Black Axe. So far its been [...]

Designers Guide to the Apparel Printing Industry

Categories: Design, Printing|

Over the last couple of years the GoMediaZine has been a cookie jar full of tips, tutorials & practical advice about designing for apparel. There have been in depth tutorials, lots of inspiration, a fantastic three-part series full of experience & advice - we even showed you how to ‘Make it look like Affliction‘. And just in these last couple of months, we showed you how to make photorealistic mockups of your apparel designs.

No spec please: why asking for spec work is bad

Categories: Business, Design, News|

Here is a post that was recently on an online forum. I changed the name of the company to disguise their identity. Hey, you think you got what it takes to make a shirt or [...]

Art Direction

Categories: Design|

You need to be a part of your company and give proper art direction for a design to succeed. The worst jobs I’ve had were when the client didn’t really know what they wanted and couldn’t even answer my basic question about where they want the designs direction to go. The saying “I’ll know what I want when I see it” is very painful for a designer because they can be working hours on a design only to find out that it wasn’t what the client wanted.

How to properly contact an artist

Categories: Business, Design|

I have gotten a lot of emails being a freelance designer myself and most people don’t know how to properly contact artists. The worst is when I get an email that say “how much for a design”. Really… that’s all I have to go on. I don’t even know who the person is, what their company does, or if I am even the right person for the job. Please don’t do this if you expect to get any kind of response.

Edgillustrator’s Design Process

Categories: Design|

Hey everyone :] There’s been a lot of people asking how I do my stuff, I normally hate it when people ask me but as a lot of yous have helped me out I thought [...]

Bigcartel CSS customization: Introduction

Categories: Design, E-commerce|

What is CSS? Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the presentation of a document. The css of a website basically lets you style the site with background, different fonts, [...]

Top T-shirt Designers

Categories: Design|

Here's a list of the top t-shirt designers. I'm planning on doing a post about all of them with images of their work and a little more info about their style but that will take [...]

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